Governing Council

The Governing Council’s functions are to determine the nature of, and the broad policies for, the administration of the College in accord with:

  • authentic Church teaching as befits the mission of the Catholic school.
  • the constitutional structure and spirit of the religious congregations of the Sisters of Mercy and the Marist Fathers.
  • the directives of the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission.
  • the spirit of the College’s Mission Statement


The Governing Council’s role is to:

  • decide on any matters referred by any participant in the educational community of the College which remain unresolved by the immediate authority;
  • judge and decide on any major changes affecting the nature and function of the College;
  • coordinate the selection of the Principal under the direction of the Archbishop;
  • advise on and approve the appointment of deputy principals and the business manager of the College;
  • to advise the Archbishop on the terms and appointments of the ordinary members of the Board;
  • to receive and approve the annual budget prepared by the Board.


Governing Council

Director of Catholic Education
Mercy Congregation nominee
Executive Officer
Archbishop appointee
Archbishop appointee


Archbishop Julian Porteus
Mr John Mula
Sister Francis Fitzpatrick
Mr Tom Dorey
Mr John Bloomfield
Mr Paul McGrath